The Inefficiencies of Nanomaterial Production

Nanomanufacturing processes have the potential to greatly improve the properties of materials, resulting in nanomaterials that are stronger, lighter, more durable, among other traits. Current applications of nanomaterials that already take advantage of these properties include tools with ultrasensitive detection and identification of toxins, highly efficient and low-cost solar cells, nanomedicine, and many more. While … Continue reading The Inefficiencies of Nanomaterial Production

What is Nanoinformatics?

Nanomaterials combine the complexities of molecules and materials. However, dealing with the challenges of low manufacturing yields and defects of individual samples have been secondary to searching for new properties and applications of nanomaterials. For science to become technology, machine learning will need to play a big role in navigating the large amount of data … Continue reading What is Nanoinformatics?

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